Frequently Asked Questions about the Membership

What does the membership fee cover?

The fee covers annual wellness exams, chronic care office visits, follow-up visits, basic office procedures and treatment of acute illness or minor injuries. You also will be able to communicate with your provider via phone, text, video chat or email and access to discounted labs and some prescriptions. 

What medical conditions do you manage?

We treat all sorts of common everyday illness and injuries, but we also can manage long term medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and thyroid disorders.

What if I need medical attention while I’m away from home?

We are a phone call, text, or email away, several illnesses can be diagnosed and treated using Telehealth.

Do you send my medical records to health insurance carriers?

We will never share your protected health information to any third party unless we have a written request from you.

When do I pay my fees for non-covered labs and medical imaging?

You will receive a statement from the facility that processed the labs. If the procedure is in office and not covered by your membership, you pay at the time of the procedure with your preferred method of payment.

What if I need to see a specialist?

Our goal is to prevent specialty referrals on your chronic conditions. Unfortunately, there may be cases when your care may have to be managed by a specialized provider, we will continue to work with your specialist to manage your care. If you do not have health insurance, the cost of a specialist to manage your care will be negotiated between you and the specialist.

Can children under the age of 18 become members too?

Not currently but we hope to change that soon.

What if I decide to cancel my membership?

It would be unfortunate because we pride ourselves on keeping long term relationships but understand circumstances change. We will gladly allow you to terminate your membership. There will never be a penalty for canceling your membership but keep in mind the termination will begin before the next billing cycle. We will not prorate a refund. We will be happy to forward your medical records to your new provider to ensure continuity of care after a signed released has been completed.

Is my membership fee tax deductible?

At this time, by law your membership fee is not considered a “medical expense" in most states and is not deductible. Please talk with your tax consultant to discuss your specific circumstances.

What if I have to go to the hospital?

We recommend obtaining a catastrophic plan just in case you experience a major health issue, you will still need insurance to help cover it. We have partnered with a local insurance agent that can offer you plans that include disease specific, accident or hospital plans. Let us know how we can help.

If I have Medicare, can I still join?

Yes, you can but you will need to sign a waiver stating that you or Uncharted Healthcare will NOT bill Medicare for our services. Your Medicare benefits will not change if you are a member of our clinic, and you can use your benefits for medical care received outside of our practice. 

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, debit, Visa and Mastercard, PayPal, Care Credit (subject to credit approval). For monthly memberships, credit and debit cards are kept on file and billed monthly.