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More and more people are complaining about being tired or drained.

More and more people are complaining about being tired or drained. You may feel that you just cannot do the things you used to do anymore. You may have good intentions to go for a walk, bike ride or possibly a jog after work or school, but once you get home you find yourself climbing in bed or on the couch for the rest of the evening. You may even tell yourself you will do it tomorrow. You may have even thought to yourself that something must be wrong with me, maybe it’s my diet, thyroid, or my hormones. True, abnormalities in thyroid and hormones can cause extreme fatigue, and unhealthy diets have been found to be a factor in causing one to feel tired. These thoughts may have prompted you to go see your primary care provider requesting to have labs drawn only to have the “normal” lab results, and maybe you have changed your diet but only felt slightly better. This can be frustrating and even distressing. What can you do?


Many have turned to intravenous (IV) hydration infusion and intravenous (IV) vitamin replacement therapy.* IV therapy and vitamin replacement infusion works by hydrating the body and replacing th

e vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are lacking in our body due to our diets. True, you can just take OTC vitamins daily and may see improvement over a few weeks to months, but with IV therapy, people have reported immediate results by the end of the infusion. Th

e benefits of an infusion is that it bypasses the stomach and goes directly into the veins and can be distributed to the body immediately. A typical infusion can be completed in 30-60 minutes. Effects of infusions can last up to 14 days and may need to be replaced for continued benefits.

Take Action

Uncharted Healthcare offers IV hydration and Vitamin infusion therapies to help replenish the body and combat fatigue and tiredness. These IV drips are tailored to your needs and are affordable. Schedule an appointment today so that you can go for your walk, bike ride, or jog tomorrow and feel full of energy.

*Infusions are contraindicated in persons with certain allergies or medical conditions, so an evaluation will be done prior to infusion.



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